Humanitarian Projects

The plan: redesigning our lost culture, norms and values,
to bring Humanity to the next stage of Social Evolution

Earth is abundant with Plentiful Resources.
The practice of rationing resources through monetary control is
no longer relevant and counter productive for our Survival.
Jacque Fresco

A resource – based economy, an Idea from Jacque Fresco
in which goods, services and information are free.

Diversity – individuality, creativity, innovativeness, are essential of the designs, problem-solving incentives for dynamic equilibrium.”
The VENUS project was signed and approved on 14 October 2014.

Estwo is a project bureau for Humanitarians with great Minds or Endless Idea’s / dreams who needs funding to bring this into manifestation.

We see the Natural Resources and Human Initiative as our investment capital

To get the best team combined our Estwo team will be working hard
to realize the projects, and back you up with what you need.

We provide creative solutions to clients around the world, creating bigger solutions that get attention and are meaningful.

We do not collect funds for any project listed on our site.
We simply aim to help reorganized, with publicly available information, to organize and inform on advances in technology
to compile research and information about our Estwo project management block chain space

We are not an investment advisor we only help Great Minds with Great Idea’s to create Heaven on Earth.

We offer you a wallet, and help you with the project bills.

You can get this money under the condition that it is only for the good of us all

You are invited to bring in your project Idea.
Please get in to contact.

Estwo Projectmanagement will directly fund Humanitarian projects and their people with a gold backed value Estwo digital currency.

Estwo: “the world at Peace to distribute the wealth of the world
is the Eternal inheritance of Mankind

“It is a Human Right to live in a state of heaven; because that is our origin” and that is our wish for the whole world. 
The people and their Kings from the Great Emerald Archipel.