The Plan continued

The Plan continued
… giving the power to the people

To distribute Indonesia’s Wealth to the world through asset backed currency
by way of Gold, Silver or Precious minerals

On 14 November 1963 President Soekarno signed the Green Hilton Agreement or
“one of the Treasure people and nation of Indonesia for the world community

as an Eternal Heritage of Mankind”.
This Agreement is still active.

(ROYAL K,681)
was born on 2 June 1970,
nineteen days before the
death of President Soekarno
(21st of June 1970)

By his selection at birth his
destiny and presence is connected to the Origin of NKRI, or the
World Interfaith Agreement:
the Origin of Heaven and Earth Kingdom Agreement to
guarantee the world safety,
in all areas of expertise and
fields, which holds a duty called “ONE PERSONAL ONLY NO COMMERCIAL, a World Saviour!”
Code name NO NAME (NN)
as the pin of the World Bank
Kholipatul Immam Mahdi

President Soekarno instructed his lawyer to transfer his role and Mission, along with all documentation, to appoint a ‘Son of the Nation’ as M1,
his successor.

President Soekarno

On 11 March, 1966,
as a result of the G30S PKI,
Pres. Soekarno wrote a Testament Will; this is the Supersemar to protect the Assets.

The abbreviation “Supersemar” is a play on the name of Semar, the mystic and powerful figure who commonly appears in Javanese mythology

What is M1 Mission?
To succeed the implementation of the plan; started by Pres. Kennedy and Pres. Soekarno to distribute the Wealth to all the people in the world.

The mission strives for Peace, joy, happiness worldwide
to create Heaven on Earth through asset backed Currency by way of Gold, Silver or Precious minerals.

On June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110,
still active

The starter / The finisher