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Together we are able to redesign
our lost cultures and values to bring Humanity
to the next stage of Social Evolution

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Together; we have the brains, technology and feasibility
to build an entirely new civilization.

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How do you explain the word “Geleide Economie” / Guided Economy?
There is a wrong understanding about the expression: a “Guided Economy”. This is not a dictator or dictatorship, but this is a Economy with leadership.

We call this moesjawara [deliberate endlessly] {< maleis musyawarat [ deliberate endlessly ] < arabisch mushāwara [consultation, conference].

Then we can agree on a certain Idea and then it is agreed upon to do so.
This is not about to vote and how many votes for or after….but to sit together as one family and together make decisions under the the Codes of Conduct guidance.
President Soekarno Dutch Interview